Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Future of Construction Technology (According to FutureTech)

This week, Tom Sawyer of ENR published results of a technology survey among readers, Hot Tech Topics: ENR Readers Speak Up About Info Tech in Construction. So what is the future of construction technology according to FutureTech readers?

  • BIM
  • iPads and mobile
  • Collaborative tools
  • Cloud software

This will come as no surprise to many of us in the industry, but it is good to see momentum building behind these systems.

We do continue to face a very siloed industry with different firms employing different technology solutions. According to one subcontractor quoted in the article, Ray Chen of Faith Technologies, GC's are the ones who need to make the call for new technologies:
"As a subcontractor, it doesn't matter what I've implemented in my own company—I'm going to do what the GC wants me to do," he says. "If the GC isn't using a data-driven approach—and a lot of them aren't--Faith isn't going to, either."
But here's the good news. Whether it's the GC or the sub who makes the call to use collaborative tools, these systems add value far beyond the construction phase.
Ted Weidner, assistant vice chancellor for facilities at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, notes, "[BIM] is a nice tool for architects and structural engineers so far, but its real value will be... when the facility is turned over to me after construction."
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