Monday, December 5, 2011

Primary Workspace is "In the Field" for One-Third of Construction Users, Survey Finds

This week ENR released the preliminary results for a survey on technology use among AEC professionals. The survey, conducted by a committee of young professionals in the Construction Users Roundtable, had several very interesting takeaways. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • The primary workspace for almost a third of respondents was "in the field."
  • Results suggest engagement is strongest among age groups 30-and-under and 51-and-over.
  • Tablets are not yet seen as the most important technology tools companies use, whereas email and database management are highly valued.
  • BIM is seen as the most important technology tool among 20% of respondents ages 30-and-under and among 18% of those 51-and-over.

See the full article by Tom Sawyer, senior technology editor at ENR, Embrace of Technology in Construction Swings With Ages and Attitudes, Survey Finds.

Photo by cobalt123.

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