Tuesday, June 7, 2011

See Our New Commercial - BuildSite Mobile for the Digital Job Site

Our commercial for BuildSite Mobile - bringing product data to the digital jobsite - is now available on the BuildSite YouTube Channel. The concept is this: a new PM arrives on the job site and his foreman wants to make sure he has everything under control, including submittals. Sure, he says, submittals will be sent once I get back to the office.

But the general contractor's PM (or whomever you think this might be - feel free to leave us a comment!) reminds everyone that submittals are due today. This throws the PM into momentary confusion until his PE pulls out his phone. The PM smiles - BuildSite Mobile lets him "BuildSite It" and send the submittals right from his phone.

Our friends Dominic Wong from IMAN Studios and Christopher Peoples from Allegory Productions wrote and directed the piece. Let us know what you think!

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