Monday, June 13, 2011

Marketing to Contractors

As I have written in previous blog posts about marketing to contractors, getting "in the spec" is the holy grail of construction marketing today. Building product manufacturers devote a huge amount of marketing and advertising resources toward getting specified by architects and spec writers. This approach has a major payoff when it results in a proprietary spec on a big project.

In reality, the system is often not perfect. Proprietary specifications are the exception, not the rule. That leaves contractors and their trusted building materials distributors in the driver’s seat when it is time to choose the right product for the job. This role as the “last designer” means that contractors and distributors are the primary players in purchasing decisions that are being made on a project.

Michael Chusid covers this topic in a post today on his Building Product Marketing blog. He writes,
The contractor's power to select products is particularly strong with commodity and generic types of products, putting them and the distributors serving them in the driver’s seat when it is time to choose product brands for the job.
Read more from Michael Chusid here.

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