Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Find Sales Leads with BuildSite's Distributor Directory

Some of the most frequent calls and emails we receive come from customers who are looking for distributors of the products they find on our site. Customers come across our site while looking for products on search engines and assume that we’re a distributor ourselves. After explaining to them that we provide a database of product information, we introduce them to our Distributor Directory and help them find their nearest distributors.

These are actual customers, intent on purchasing products. They simply don’t know who to buy from and where to go for that information. We try to provide an easy way for anyone, from frequent users of our site to people who finds us through Google, to get in touch with the right people.

BuildSite's Distributor Directory allows buyers to connect with sellers. On each BuildSite product detail page we provide the option for users to enter a zip code. Once entered, we compile a list of the nearest distributors of that product within 150 miles of that zip code. The list provides the complete contact information for the location, including the address, phone number, company website, and the name of a contact person. Anyone who uses BuildSite has access to this feature, and we even provide a complete list of every distributor location in the directory.

The benefits from this service are threefold. Customers can use this service as a quick and easy way to find distributors to purchase from. The distributors in our directory are given sales leads as well as increased, localized exposure to customers. Once a customer knows there is a reliable distributor near them, they'll be more likely to purchase from that distributor in the future. Finally, BuildSite benefits by providing a channel for customers to find exactly what they need, when they need it.

Learn more about the BuildSite Distributor Directory and contact us if you want to be listed!

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