Monday, July 12, 2010

Finding ASTM Standards for Construction Products

Finding construction products that meet ASTM Standards is extremely valuable to contractors aiming to meet a spec. Because you can search the BuildSite database for products that match a specific ASTM standard, we field a lot of questions about ASTM search. There are a couple things you should consider before you begin an ASTM search. It might save you some confusion if you have trouble finding an ASTM:
  1. In total, there are over 12,000 ASTM standards available. Over 1,300 of those are specific to construction. ASTM International publishes the construction standards in its ASTM Standards in BUILDING CODES, 46TH Edition, available through their bookstore. These standards are the ones referenced by the International Codes published by ICC©, as well as MASTERSPEC©, BSD SpecLink©, and other sources for codes and specs. We use these construction standards as a guide to determine which ASTM standards are most likely to be covered in a specification and subsequently searched for on BuildSite.
  2. Not all construction products have ASTM standards provided. If you find that a number of products from a certain manufacturer are not coming up in your search, it is likely that the manufacturer does not provide ASTM information on their data sheets. This does not necessarily mean the standards do not apply, but you might have to contact the manufacturer directly to find out.
  3. If you are having trouble finding an ASTM standard, we provide a complete list of BuildSite’s ASTM standards. From this list you can find links to an abstract and a list of products for each ASTM standard. Soon we will be providing another easy access link to this information directly from BuildSite Submittals.
Good luck in your ASTM search!

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